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Make Britain Better

Make Kingsbury High Best in Britain




Hello my name is Mohammed Hasan; I am 15 years of age, for my GCSE'S I am taking Triple Science, French, Geography and RS (religious studies). I like to engage in to meaningful conversations, play a range of sports, meet new people and learn new skills in order to build my character along with helping other people.  

As a labour candidate my aim is to restore the vitality and confidence in Britain's younger generation especially in Kingsbury High School (KHS). The essence of this campaign is bringing people together regardless of race, religion and background in order to make Britain a better place.


If I were to become mayor I would ensure that all your opinions and ideas are taken into consideration when putting forward new policies for the school to enforce. I would also try to raise the standard of education & social well being across school by introducing new policies to create enjoyable and innovative ways of learning as well helping people with any problems they may have whether it is at home or school e.g. bullying.   

Campaign team discussing Policy Pledges


Campaign team discussing Policy Pledges




Mohammed Hasan standing next to Brent Mayor as he receives an award for public speaking from the Jack Petchey foundation along with speakers bank which provides public speaking training in schools and organisations across Britain.


Mohammed Hasan standing next to Barry Gardiner the Labour Member of Parliament for Brent North and the Prime Minister's Special Envoy for Forestry, following a Climate Change Question & Answer session at Kingsbury High On Wednesday 7th November 2007. This photo shows (based on Mohammed's suggestion) the pupils holding up cards stating Barry's ten steps to stopping global warming, these steps include: Checking your tyre pressure, Boiling a cup not a kettle, Switching off your lights when you leave the room, etc.


Jack Petchey Awards Ceremony


Mohammed Hasan was successfully elected as school councillor 2 years running for years 7&8. In this time he worked closely with a number of other school representatives in older years helping plan and introduce new ideas for schemes such as fundraising for charity and changes in structure of lessons and length of breaks.


School History

The Queen Visits Kingsbury High School


The Queen Visits Kingsbury High School


Famous Old Kingsburians


Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou (born June 25, 1963), best known as George Michael, is a two-time Grammy Award winning English  singer-songwriter who has had a career as front man of the duo Wham! and also as a soul-influenced pop musician. He sold over 85 million records , encompassing 12 British #1 singles, 9 British #1 albums, 10 US #1 singles, 2 US #1 albums.



Shirley Eaton (born January 13, 1937) is a British actress who appeared in many comedies in the 1950s and onwards. However, undoubtedly Eaton's most famous role was that of Jill Masterson in the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger. Her character's death, being painted head to toe in gold paint and suffering "skin suffocation", became an iconic image of the film.


Julie Rogers (born Julie Rolls, 6 April 1943, London) is an English pop singer. Rogers began her career singing with the Teddy Foster orchestra, with whom she toured the UK and America. She signed with Philips Records in 1964, and released her debut single, "It's Magic", soon after. Her 1965 hit "The Wedding" went to #3 in the UK Singles Chart, #1 in Australia, and #10 in the USA.



Stuart Pearce MBE (born 24 April 1962 in Hammersmith, London) is an English football manager and former player. He is currently the manager of the England Under-21 team. As a player, Pearce had a long and distinguished career, becoming one of the most highly regarded defenders his country has ever produced, best remembered for his time at Nottingham Forest and his England international duties.



Ekow Eshun (born May 27, 1968) is the Artistic Director of the Institute of Contemporary Arts. He is a contributor to BBC2's Friday night arts programme Newsnight Review & a former editor of Arena magazine. He went to Kingsbury High School in North West London; his elder brother was head boy there. He read a degree in politics and history at the London School of Economics.



Maysie Webb CBE, assistant director of the British Museum 1968-71, deputy director, 1971-83,. First woman to become head of department in a national museum, (1966). Despite showing academic ability, she left Kingsbury High School at the age of 16, studied part-time at Northern Polytech. sometimes hitchhiking to classes obtaining a library qualification & BSc in  Physics & Mathematics.


Policy Pledges
"Make Kingsbury High School Best in Britain"




More Clubs for instance: Debating club
More Disco's and school parties

Better Quality of Assemblies, including more artistic performances, to bring out talents within kids by having things like Talent Shows, Stand up Comedy, Dancers, Singers, Unusual acts .e.g. Juggling

Counselling for Pupils of all ages, includes problems with bullying, Anger  Management and various other issues at home.

Old Students Club: Invite old KHS Students to see how the school has changed and see their old teachers giving a chance to thank them and catch up on the  good times.

Invite successful students such as lawyers, doctors, and sports people to give speeches to inspire younger years.

Culture and Diversity

Celebration of more religious and seasonal festivals, make more informative assemblies on other cultures. 

Introduce different ethnic foods to School Canteen, e.g. Food from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, Middle East, Iraq, Egypt, North Africa, Nigeria, etc .
More films and videos in school about other countries in the world, so students have a better understanding of the world.

Students and Guests are asked to give speeches about their experiences of the different parts of the world.


Sports Tournaments: Students (girls and boys) can create their own teams within any sports like Football, Basketball, Cricket, Netball, Rounders, Athletics, Tennis, Table tennis and many more.

Sports Equipment: Make Sports equipment more available for instance in first and Second breaks especially in the upper school

Introduce new sports to school such as handball, Yoga, etc

Improve Quality of Sports Equipment, that has become slightly   worn out, or no longer functioning e.g. Flat Basketballs, Cracked tennis balls, dented tennis rackets, Chipped cricket bats and ripped footballs.


Reduce length of lessons or include breaks to maintain concentration. Make water compulsory in lessons especially in summer. It has been scientifically proved that water improves a child's concentration therefore he can retain more resulting in better exam results.
More Group discussions and Problem Solving work Better exam preparation by providing more interactive resources such as CD'S, DVD's and magazines etc.
Extra curricular activities such as more trips to museums, sports centre's, nature reserves and trips to other countries. More competitions with prizes bringing out the best in pupils e.g. Young Writers, artists and Sport challenges.
Health and Safety
Improve quality of toilets:
- Add soap dispensers
- Blackout Toilet Windows, Improve Lighting
- Better Maintenance
- Cleaner Mirrors, Cleaner Toilets
Improve School Hygiene:
- Litter Free Playgrounds
- Cleaner Classes and tables



Kingsbury High School Mock London Assembly Contestants
(Courtesy of Harrow Times)

Student Election at Kingsbury High School

A Kingsbury school gripped by London election fever is voting in a new student representative today. Year 10 pupils of Kingsbury High School, in Princes Avenue, have been competing for the support of staff and fellow students for the last two weeks, and the result of the vote will be announced at 1.45pm.

Both the upper school, in Princes Avenue, and the lower school, in Bacon Lane, will be voting, and the winner will become an ambassador for the student population. The election is being held today to echo the mayoral election, and candidates are representing different political parties. (Courtesy of Harrow Times). Click here to watch and hear the slideshow.



Kingsbury High School Mock London Assembly Election
[Photos courtesy of Kingsbury High School]

Kingsbury High School Mock London Assembly Election
[Photos courtesy of Kingsbury High School]



KHS Mock Elections 2008

Mock London Assembly Elections were held at Kingsbury High School on Thursday 01 May 2008. Mohammed Hasan (Labour) was duly elected as the member for Kingsbury High School.

Results: Tooba Andarabi: Conservative: 108, Vernon Blankson-Hemans: Independent: 45, Mayur Halai: Independent: 77, Mohammed Hasan: Labour: 339, Punit Patel: Labour: 38, Devesh Rathod: Conservative: 35.
{Courtesy Kingsbury High Website}

Download Elections Video

{Courtesy of Kingsbury High School}


Labour victory in student election
By Jack Royston


A 15-YEAR-OLD school pupil has said he "feels great" after being elected as a student representative at his Kingsbury school.

Labour candidate Mohammed Hasan, 15, of Brampton Road, defeated four of his fellow students in Kingsbury High School's answer to the London mayoral elections.

He said: "It's a lot to take in but I'm feeling great. I'm just absorbing it and feeling happy but I'll have to work hard and devise a plan for what I want to do."

In his new role, Mohammed will be the voice of Kingsbury High's student community and he said he wants to raise the standards in a number of areas. Among his ambitions, he hopes to improve health and safety and wants cleaner toilets at the school.

He says he thinks his parents, Amira, who works for Brent PCT, and entrepreneur Al-Ghazali, will be proud when he tells them the news. He said: "It was a great experience and I have to thank the people I was competing against because I wouldn't have learned from it otherwise."

All the candidates were from year 10 and pupils from both the lower school, in Bacon Lane, and the upper school, in Princes Avenue, voted. The result was announced in both centres simultaneously at 1.45pm. The poll was arranged to coincide with today's vote for the mayor and London Assembly candidates. {Courtesy of This is London}